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Q: Does StarCAD software run on Windows 7?

A: StarCAD software should run flawlessly on Windows 7, but the support of Windows 7 will not be "official" until the full testing cycle is completed.

Q: What is the exact procedure of changing the license from general (evaluation) to commercial?

A: When a commercial license is purchased, you receive a new license file. The file should be copied to the hard drive of the computer on which the application is installed. The new license is set up from the application level, by choosing License... command from Help menu, and then using Specify new license file... function. After the new license file is specified, the application is ready for commercial use, possible functional limitations are removed.

Q: I would like to upgrade my StarCAD software to the latest version. Do I have to uninstall the previous version first?

A: Upgrading StarCAD software to a later version doesn't require uninstalling the previous version. It is enough to simply run the installer's exe file and the application will be upgraded automatically. All user's preferences from the previous version will be preserved.